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Fire Resistant Glass


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Our forte is to be a solutions provider and innovator to assist our clienteles to achieve seamless solutions, products optimum quality, and cost efficiency.

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Patented Nano-T Technology

Restructure and recrystalize the glass molecular to achieve high impact safety


Breaks into small and blunt fragments that reduce the risk of hurting people.

Fire Rated

Up to 2 hours integrity under BS476 and others equivalent fire test.


It has 2x higher more strength than conventional tempered glass.


Suitable to use as vision panel for fire resistant door set, glass smoke screen barrier and etc.

Better Visibility

Clearer visual compared to conventional wire fire rated glass.

Pyrocare changes the protection game forever.

Safety First

Using fire rated glass can now be visually opened for greater security while offering maximised protection from fire.

Insulation and Integrity

As defined in BS476: Part 22: 1996, integrity defined as the ability of the system to keep back flames, smoke and hot gases.  No flaming on the non-fire side within the approved time classification.

Additional Comfort

The installation of fire rated glass in the interior and exterior of the buildings adds to the comfort of the internal environment while providing passive fire protection. Fire rated glass provides very clear views inside and outside of the buildings, allows natural day lighting to stimulate the people who use the building where there otherwise would have been an opaque wall.

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